Muskoka Inspired Pallet Wood Hanger

Muskoka Pallet Hanger

Always on a quest for clever storage solutions, I’m naturally attracted to the fun and funky knobs and hooks that are so popular right now!

On vacation recently in the Muskoka’s I came across an adorable collection and couldn’t resist buying a few.


Turning them into a cute rack for loose accessories and sweaters was super easy!

  1. First I cut and sanded some scrap pallet wood. I deconstructed an aged pallet a while back so I pulled from my stock pile.20160716_200046
  2. Drill the holes necessary for the hardware (two of these pieces are knobs and two are hooks so they needed to be mounted differently). Pallets are hardwood so it’s important to drill your pilot hole first.
  3. I spray painted the tip of the screws that would be facing outward to match the hardware and then it was assembly time!

  4. I drilled a couple extra holes into the hanger to mount it onto the wall and the result – a cute a kitschy hanger for those sweaters that can never seem to find a home.




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